The best performance over the years! Architecture is the will of an epoch
and we translate it into space!

Draftsystems and Communications have deep experience in firewall analysis, penetration testing, performance tests, internal traffic analysis, outsourced IT management. Technologies deployed: VPN, cloud servers, NAS/SAN, backups, email servers, voip servers, etc...


With deep research inside the costumer company, we can determine by firewall analysis if there are any breachs in the security systems involved in critical operations.


Draftsystems have professionals to deploy the new technologies which can automatically check and do real time monitoring to make sure 100% uptime is achieved!


Firewall, VPN, Switches, servers and storage management is just a few of all services Draftsystems can manage for your company. Contact us for more information!


IT consulting is the key for a safe enviroment, from the internet gateway to each of your employees terminal, having a well constructed infrastructure can secure your information.